Bec Sandridge: In the Fog EP

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Bec Sandridge: In the Fog EP

For listeners of triple j, Bec Sandridge’s deep, unwavering vocals will be a familiar sound. ‘In the Fog, In the Flame’ is a track that’s had significant airplay, and while being a means to showcase the attributes of her vocals mentioned earlier, it’s a damn catchy number. ‘You’re a Fucking Joke’ takes things for a slight ’80s-cabaret-pop-esque turn. It’s diverse, a further tribute to her vocal abilities, has a very cabaret feel, but there’s something that just doesn’t stick. Perhaps it’s substance related.

Enter the warbling guitar intro of ‘High Tide’ and you’ve got yourself a winner. A steady beat backs her vocals, and the well-thought pause, crooning and harmonising of vocals make the perfect equation for a hit song. And it’s pretty much garnered that exact result. ‘I Drove All Night’ slows things back down again, it’s almost like Bec’s voice was made to sing this song, originally sung by Roy Orbison. Pay particular attention to the way ‘up’ is sung. So very Canadian? While a cover, the track delves into the kind of emotion we’ve been wanting to hear a little bit more of in previous tracks. Overall the EP is a well-crafted collection of layered synths, and slow-dance worthy numbers, but there’s just a little bit more of Bec we’re hoping to hear. Or perhaps, sense, is the better word.

Farmer & the Owl
Reviewed by Alexander Lightfoot
Three stars