Batts: 62 Moons

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Batts: 62 Moons

Determined to capture ‘the feeling of space and floating through it’, Melbourne based singer-songwriter Tanya Batts’ (BATTS) debut EP is an exquisite expansion on the soft, space-folk sound of her previous singles.
Released on 29 November and named after the 62 moons of Saturn, the five track EP’s unique layering of guitars, soft synths and gentle – yet equally commanding – vocals, are able to induce a deeply meditative state, comparable to starring at the stars and having a noisy mind being silenced by the sheer abundance of the night sky.
While each track is interconnected through a light, almost trance-like pace, this only heightens the detailed, and often subtle moments, which gives each song a distinctive sound. Opening with the NASA recording of Saturn’s rings, 62 Moons’ spatial sound blended with BATTS’ introspective lyrics delicately builds up and leads into bursts of sonically powerful moments, particularly the placement of the first track ‘We’re Done’ leading into ‘Little White Lies’.
Intended to create a sense of being on a ‘private one-seater space ship’, BATTS’ efforts to encapsulate through music the galaxy’s vastness is thoughtful and poignant. Together, each track’s own mixture of ambiance with personal and reflective lyrics forms a deep auditory experience, perfect for listening to in quiet moments of contemplation.
4 Stars
THAA Records
Reviewed by Ellen Muller