Batpiss: Biomass

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Batpiss: Biomass

The new LP from Batpiss is heavy, full of big dirge-rock sounds, with dark lyrics that’ll send chills down your spine and shake you to the core.
Recorded over just five days in Melbourne’s very own Cellar Sessions Studios and produced by Max Ducker, Biomass doesn’t fuck around or beat around the bush. It tells you straight, about living life on the streets, home drama and the general mess that is life.
To get into this LP you’ve got to love a bit of hardcore punk because it’ll knock your socks off. If you’re not into punk in the first place I reckon you might find it a little much to take in and digest, but hey, I’d love you to prove me wrong. Standout tracks on Biomass is ‘Death Will’… which has some absolutely killer guitar and just has a great sound to it in general. Track five, ‘Orchard’ is one of my favourites, it’s got everything a good punk song should have; kick arse drums, amazing guitar riffs and wicked vocals. The best track hands down though has to be ‘Pulling Out’, it’s got an ultra slow build up that’s dark and menacing and then just when you’re least expecting it, BAM! It gets dirty and heavy, fast. Personally, I think it’s got the best sound on the entire LP and the lyrics are genius.
Sonically, this LP is high energy, raw and rocking, lyrically it’s dark and twisted and vocally, well let’s just say this guy has lungs. Batpiss, get amongst it.
Out now via Poison City Records
Reviewed by Montana Agustin