Baro: Just Problem You Need To Know

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Baro: Just Problem You Need To Know

Rolling out on a river of cozy synth vibes, Just Problems You Need To Know is a lush release from BARO. For those that don’t know who BARO is, he melds hip hop, punk, soul music together to create a new new mish mash of sounds that work together on the opening track ‘Lay You Down/Sexy’. If there is a one piece of advice straight of the bat, I would probably use some discretion when listening to this EP because there are likely to be lyrics or themes that could cause offence. That said though, there are some lush grooves that will keep you listening the whole way through.

‘Wdubi’ was the first track that we heard from this release and receiving extensive radio play across Australia, it’s a firm crowd favourite and one that will be a big sing-along on the upcoming tour. On ‘Pretty’ which is the latest single, the EP takes an unexpected turn using some distorted guitars to a punk-esque old school Chet Faker vibe.

With a full live band behind him, Baro shines through as a lyricist that is fresh and innovative, rhyming phrases with ease. ‘One Hour’ sounds like an outtake from a Stax label recording mixed with a little bit of Prince. On this second EP, Baro tells you about the problems you need to know, and you definitely need to listen to this release, even just once cause it’s jazzy hip hop and I’m sure you’ll dig it.

4/5 Stars
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Reviewed by Tex Miller