Barbaroi: The Circus dystopian Cyperpunk Showdown coming to Geelong

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Barbaroi: The Circus dystopian Cyperpunk Showdown coming to Geelong

The five star award winning cyberpunk circus showdown that is BARBAROI is heading to Geelong this October.

Described as the ‘Underbelly of the Circus’, the high octane award-winning circus experience, Barbaroi, is coming to Geelong, arriving at the Potato Shed 8pm Saturday, 1 October.

Set in a dystopian cyberpunk world in the not-too-distant future, Barbaroi draws heavy influence from the late 80’s and early 90’s anime cyberpunk genre, utilising the genre’s rich colour palette blended with its industrial and unrefined overtones.

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In Barbaroi, gangs overrun the neon-clad streets, the outcasts rule the pitch-black forgotten ruins of an old district. There is chaos, there is danger in the shadows. There is a Showdown happening downtown; a lone wanderer stumbles amongst a crew of meta-human misfits, the Barbaroi. Will they have what it takes to be one of them? This is do or die, this is their initiation.

Inspired by a world of shadows where anything goes and the gritty underbelly of society, Barbaroi is a blend of high-octane circus, cabaret and physical theatre. Complimented by finely tuned lighting and special effects, this show will lead audiences down the rabbit-hole and asking, ‘Who are the BARBAROI?’

Particular works like ‘AKIRA’ and ‘Ghost in the Shell’ inspired the costumes, look, feel, and lighting of the production. The Barbaroi is a flirt with the dangerous; high level circus up close and personal.

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