Ballarat’s live music venues have come together to deliver ‘Sanitise’, a two-day live-streamed event

Ballarat’s live music venues have come together to deliver ‘Sanitise’, a two-day live-streamed event

With the current social distancing requirements and restrictions for live music venues set to remain in place for the time being, the Ballarat live music scene has banded together to create a two-day live-streamed event.

Dubbed ‘Sanitise’, the event aims to bring together a range of talented local artists and bands from Ballarat and surrounding areas for a ‘concert’ people can enjoy from the comfort of their own homes during these trying times.

Devised by Lachy Anderson, the booking agent for Ballarat’s Volta – Arts & Culture (formally Karova Lounge), the event is all about showcasing what Ballarat has to offer to the music scene, as well as giving local musicians a chance to share some music joy in lieu of all the cancelled and postponed gigs.

Teaming up with The Eastern, another original live music venue in Ballarat, the live-streamed event will run across two dates allowing for a broad audience to explore, tune in and discover what is in their own backyard. Opening night will takeover The Eastern on Friday, May 29, while the second instalment will be held at Volta on Friday, June 5.

Playing live from the respective stages, artists include the likes of Meraki Minds, the five-piece indie-pop band renowned for their electric stage presence, dreamy guitars, and harmonious female vocalists driven by groovy bass and drums; the enigmatic, old-world songbird Freya Josephine Hollick; five-piece garage rockers Snake Valley; hardcore metallers Anticline; electronic producer FLOC; swoony surf rock dream pop four-piece Gangz; and Anna Bilbrough who sings her own compositions that range from Dylan and Baez-inspired folk songs to pop-infused tracks about Orlando Bloom lookalikes.

Other local artists include Anna Wright, Apex Bloom, Barracouta, Brodie Glenn, Candi Wade, Dewey and the Panel Beaters, Esoteric, Honey Hunter, Lymes and Raro. A Welcome To Country will be performed by Wadawurrung man Uncle Barry Gilson, and the event will be hosted by Abby Ashmore and Hap Hayward.

Ballarat really is a breeding ground for exceptional talent.

Sanitise is completely free so sit back, relax and enjoy the Ballarat local music scene from the couch. Check out the Facebook page and stay up to date with all the deets.


Photo by Ryan Downey