Ballarat’s Barracouta reveal three-track release ‘Indigo Glow’

Ballarat’s Barracouta reveal three-track release ‘Indigo Glow’

Roughly three months ago Ballarat-based band Barracouta released their newest release Indigo Glow, with three powerfully groovy songs to please your ears. Barracouta produce such beautiful melodies along with a nice mellow vibe mixed with bursts of energy that will leave you wanting to dance and wanting more.

‘Daphno Time Warp’, first track on the release is no exception to what I have just mentioned. Starting off the song with a clean and crisp bass intro, it proceeds into a very relaxed atmosphere as the melodies and vocals work together in such a beautiful way. Don’t get too comfortable, the energy in this song is not lost, in fact it’s quite abundant.

Second track ‘She’s Got the Beat’ has a vastly different feel to the first track, as it has more of a pop feel, maybe a slightly more mainstream sound. However, there are some mesmerising harmonies that express well, along with a clear indication of just how good these guys are on their respective instruments.

Third and final song ‘Tokyo Casino’ brings the funky disco sounds that Barracouta are known for, including a sizzling guitar/drum intro, ripper base with rich lyrics and enticing vocals. On top of all this you have top notch quality and sound production. At four minutes and twenty seconds long, Tokyo Casino had to be a great song.

Feel like dancing to some funk rock, Barracouta have got you.

Reviewed by Alex Lynch