Ballarat Record Fair returns

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Ballarat Record Fair returns

Hey! You like music, yeah? Of course, you’re reading Forte. If you don’t like music, read something else.

So, do you like records? Nah, fair enough, I guess they’re just the physical manifestation of your favourite band’s tunes and science that turns sound into wax and back again, in a form that’s higher quality than any digital format we’ve ever managed to come up with since… I suppose that’s not that cool.

Hey yeah, you’re right, that’s mad as!

I know what you’re thinking next, ‘I’d love to kick-start my collection or find hidden rarities to round out my existing phat-stack, but all the big record events are in Melbourne, I have to get trams and hang out with people with weird facial hair in Brunswick’.

That’s not true! You silly goose, you.

The Ballarat Record Fair is the biggest record fair outside the Melbourne metro area. There’ll be thousands of LP’s, 45’s and CD’s from local and interstate traders and even a ‘treasure hunt’ to dig for hidden nuggets.

The whole shebang kicks off at 12 pm on Sunday, July 7. The fair takes place at Housey Housey, which you’ll find at 12 Armstrong street, Ballarat. There’ll be food and drink available via the Forge Pizzeria as well to make a proper party out of the whole ordeal too.

If you’re into records or are trying to kick-start a collection, check this event out… or if you don’t go, you at least have to stop complaining that you can only find good ones in Melbourne or online, you silly, silly goose.

Written by Liam McNally