Ballarat Blog #679

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Ballarat Blog #679

Summer arrives in the Rat and people rejoice, although the last week has been mighty chilly with high winds and rain.

The Cactus Channel will finally arrive in Ballarat to do their thing on December 14, then on December 16, Horris Green will play their thrash blues rock. A couple of local lads who have one guitar, a vocalist and a drum kit. Pretty innovative and unique for a band doing the rounds these days. These guys get an absolutely massive sound which is quite surprising. Have a look at their latest video on their Facebook page for their new single ‘Boy’. Post-punk trio Destrends will be the support act and will be making the trek up from Melbourne to launch their latest EP, Lazy Lover.

Hearns Hotel in Meredith are launching their new menu beginning early December. The food has always been really good at the top pub and they have music on most weekends. Friday nights are a hoot so I’ve been told by the many locals I know down on the Midland. Get down and say hello to Caz and the friendly crew down there.

Down at the bottom pub, Damo and Claire have the 1 Louder Tour playing on December 17 with Absolutely 80’s stalwarts Brian Mannix, Scott Carne and Dale Ryder, who will be playing all their hits from back in the day when it was cool to wear pasties. It’s a Sunday afternoon show and kick off time is 2pm.

Even Daryl Braithwaite is on the bill to play in the New Year. The first show on January 14 is sold out, so there is an encore performance on February 4. I’m sure you will get to sing along with The Horses if you get along to this one. Braithwaite has a few great songs which are sometimes forgotten with the hysteria around Horses. ‘One Summer’, ‘All I Do’ and ‘As The days Go By’ are a few that come to mind. Not forgetting some of the old classics that he sang when he was in Sherbert.

The Western Hotel up the end of Sturt Street have artists playing on Sunday afternoons. Always consistently good food and really friendly staff. Fabulous beer garden also to laze the day away!

By Glen Anderson