Ballarat Blog #663

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Ballarat Blog #663

Rain, rain and more rain, which is good for our farmers, but crikey, you could have almost done a belly whacker down Sturt Street recently after a massive downpour! Plenty happening in the Goldfields though and fortunately we still attract some fine artists and we are lucky enough to have fabulous venues.

The Velvet Addiction are playing at Karova Lounge on May 5. Riffing rocking guitars reminiscent of Status Quo will have you sold on these guys in a matter of minutes. Interesting that these guys came together after a night on the sauce, recognising each others’ dark histories including broken homes and family violence. The band will be touring parts of Victoria and New South Wales to celebrate the release of their debut single Take Me Back. Give it a listen if you have the time… or get on down to Karova as it’s only 5 bucks to get in.

Suttons House Of Music has Diesel playing on May 6. I think the man can now be called a veteran rocker, having been around for around 30 years. Americana is his latest release and no doubt he’ll be belting a few of these out. A brilliant version of Born To Run is on this record and Diesel has a knack of capturing the essence of a song with his amazing talent and skill. To be honest, I have only recently taken the time to listen to Americana, and it’s a damn fine CD.

Legend Mick Thomas will be playing at Karova Lounge on May 20. Get your tickets early as it will sell out no doubt. Having just seen Thomas at Port Fairy Folk Festival, yours truly is frothing to get back and hear the folk rock sounds of an Australian legend. Surely A Tale They Won’t Believe is one of thee great folk songs ever written in Oz. These Are The Days is his recent book that he has published and there are even song charts in it so you can play your favourite Weddos songs! Haven’t read it yet, but I’m getting to it.

Babushka are still having artists every now and then and it’s great to see the venue is still up and running. Anything from comedy, metal and funky beats are on offer at Babushka. Keep an eye on their Facebook page for more information.

Cheers until next time!

Written by Glen Anderson