Ball Park Music: Every Night the Same Dream

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Ball Park Music: Every Night the Same Dream

Brisbane indie rock five-piece band Ball Park Music prove once again they only improve. Their latest album, Every Night the Same Dream, still has the fun pop songs with witty lyrics fans love, but delves deeper into the moodier, psych-rock tracks than in the past.

The first half of this album is where the pop-driven guitar riffs reign, as do the lyrics to sing along to loudly. It’s hard not to feel happy listening to songs like ‘Nihilist Party Anthem’ and ‘Whipping Boy’ – how can you not with that title? ‘Pariah’ is the longest track on the album with a sweet extended jam session for your listening pleasure. Then we reach track six where things slow down. The final track ‘Suit Yourself’ really is saving the best till last, the whole LP is a journey flowing through energy to then emotion and ‘Suit Yourself’ feels like the last thought, like close your eyes, lie back and let it be.


Out via Stop Start
Reviewed by Melissa Davis