Ball Park Music

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Ball Park Music

If you’re an avid listener of the indie pop-rock genre, Ball Park Music is a band you’re likely all too familiar with. The Brisbane band have come leaps and bounds in their seven years of playing shows and writing music, having developed three albums, self producing their third, and planning to do the same with their fourth – of which they’ve already began writing.
It wasn’t long ago that the band was asked to fill in an empty set at Groovin’ The Moo in 2012 after American hip hop artist Chiddy Bang decided to pull out of performing at the festival last minute. Three years on and they’re now headlining at the festival, having picked up a bunch of tricks along the way. I got to sit down with guitarist Dean Hanson to have a chat about the plans for their set.
“I have very fond memories of the first time we played at Groovin’ back in 2012,” Dean tells me.
“It’s still one of my favourite tours that we’ve ever been a part of.”
It’s not difficult to see the gratitude that the band has collectively, for the experience of playing at the festival and the experience and knowledge it gave them.
“It was kind of the first touring festival that we’d ever done as a band and back then we were super green and hadn’t done too much touring or anything,” he says.
“We learned so much from that tour from watching other bands. We would stand on the side of the stage and watch and see all of their musical equipment, and all of their gear, and all the big crew that they had, and we would have never dreamt of ever being able to have any of that stuff.”
The good news for fervent Ball Park Music lovers everywhere, the band has made a solid name for themselves in the Australian music industry, being able to say now they they’re living out their dream. It would be fair to say that they can be predicted to remain relevant for some time to come.
Their set at the festival is said to take place around sunset at each location, and to run for around 50 minutes.
“We’ll be super keen to get on stage and play old songs and new songs. Given that we’ve got about 50 minutes, we should be able to fit it all in,” Dean says, enthusiastic to be performing in Australia after their current tour which is taking place in the US.
Through all of their success and growing fan-base, the group have still managed to stay so humble about their fame, and still get excited about playing on big festival stages.
“When we first started playing as a band you play on these tiny little stages and try to cram five people onto this tiny little box. Sometimes when you’re playing in a little venue, you might be a metre away from one of your band members and then you’re on a festival stage all of the sudden and your nearest band member is like 10 meters away from you, and you’re like, ‘What the hell?!’”
The band will be playing all six shows at Groovin’ The Moo, a festival in itself that is not one to be missed, with a band whose talents are so evident on their records, but really come to light in the flesh.
When&Where: Groovin’ the Moo, Bendigo – May 2
Written by Jessica Alves