Balconys has delivered an experimental electronica triumph with debut album ‘Invers’

Balconys has delivered an experimental electronica triumph with debut album ‘Invers’

Words by Alex Callan

'Invers' is Geelong-based experimental guitarist Balconys first full-length album.

In a way Balconys is indescribable.

The one-man-band with music composed and performed by Angus Crook is all about toying with sound and space.

It is an exploration of soundscapes that can’t be defined within the realms of a song structure.

Conveying a more down-tempo and ambient approach, Balconys is an act to check out if you are a fan of artists like Horatio Luna.

‘Invers’, Crook’s newest release is an ambient and cinematic experience that I can easily see becoming as much of a staple to film scores as Dj Shadow is.

Whilst ‘Option Paralysis’ and ‘ A Valley’ highlight a borderline lo-fi house feel due to their gradual use of percussive elements; majority of ‘Invers’ delivers more of an atmospheric sound.

Although many bohemians and musicians will see the greatness in Crook’s approach and production, it will never be played on Triple M and there will be people out there that would struggle to embrace the soundscapes on display.

But that’s fine.

In fact, I think that’s what Angus wants; to hit the right audiences and not to make music that the masses will find catchy. And truthfully, I think it will work.

If Balconys doesn’t mesmerise a crowd at Mona Foma within the next few years I’d be pretty surprised.

Check it out below via Spotify or on Bandcamp here.