Bakers Eddy drop debut album ‘Love Boredom Bicycles’ and announce huge 25-date national tour 

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Bakers Eddy drop debut album ‘Love Boredom Bicycles’ and announce huge 25-date national tour 

Photo by Leila Maulen

Catch the loveably shambolic Bakers Eddy as they embark upon their most extensive tour yet through June – July.

There are a baker’s dozen reasons to love raucous NZ rockers, Bakers Eddy.

Thick as thieves and a band since they were 12-year-old kids in Wellington, Ciarann and his bandmates: twin brothers, guitarist Alex and bassist Ian Spagnolo, and drummer Jamie Gordon are 12 years later living together in a share-house in Melbourne. Since moving to Melbourne at the end of 2016, they’ve slid into the Melbourne scene seamlessly with their killer anthems and support for our local artists, and they’re unapologetically themselves with their sarcastic humour and downright playful punk attitude.

With a heap few EP’s and a stack of singles behind them, the boys have just released their debut album Love Boredom Bicycles, alongside news of a mammoth 25-date national tour this June-July, taking to both capital cities and regional towns.

The tour will kick off at the Prince of Wales in Bunbury on June 2 and take to Perth, Fremantle, Central Coast, Sydney, Caringbah, Gerringong, Newcastle, Wollongong, Canberra, Northlakes, Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Maroochydore before taking to Victoria for a run of shows in July. They’ll hit up Sooki Lounge in Belgrave on Thursday July 7, Pelly Bar in Frankston on Friday July 8, Northcote Social Club in Melbourne for a matinee and an evening show on Saturday July 9 and finally a regional stop at Volta in Ballarat on Sunday July 10. The tour will finish up with dates in Hobart, Launceston and Adelaide.

The key takeaways 

  • Bakers Eddy release highly-anticipated debut album, Love Boredom Bicycles
  • The NZ foursome will celebrate the release with a 25-date Australian tour this June-July
  • Tickets go on sale Monday, March 28.

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Out now on Ivy League Records, Love Boredom Bicycles is an unabashed and idiosyncratic expression of prevalence in the ‘coming of age’ journey, as the band explore the tension between the terror of self-discovery and resounding hope in their trademark humorous tone. A delightful melding of boisterous and unhindered youthful energy, the album was originally intended to be released back in October 2021, but was delayed due to COVID restrictions at the time so the Melbourne outfit could tour the album upon its release.

“Honestly it feels like such a relief to be finally putting this record out. Not only because of COVID pushing the release back, but ever since we were little kids we talked about how cool it would be to one day have an entire album that was our own, that we made ourselves without compromise, and to actually see and touch it is an emotional thing, especially after the fuck around we’ve copped over the last two years”.

With its infectiously energetic pace, racing chords and youthful vigour, Love Boredom Bicycles is bursting with irresistible nostalgia! Alongside producer Oscar Dawson (HOLY HOLY), Bakers Eddy have masterfully captured the authentic spirit of the demos they’d made themselves during lockdown in their share house studio, constructing an album with good times coursing through its veins.

“The whole record is supposed to sound like the life of the party,” explains Ciarann. “’Concertina’ is the kick arse opener where you walk through the doors and everyone’s vibing and having a great time. And then it takes you through the journey of this party and then you’re left at like 5 o’clock in the morning, with like 2 or 3 people around, you’re gonna have a beer and go to bed. And you’re just reflecting, like, ‘That was a sick party, yeah.’”

Not to be confused with naivety, the jovial armour and playful antics projected by the band leave plenty of room for nuance. In fact, it is this very light-heartedness that allows them to write about the deeper and more painful aspects of what it is to be human, what it means to be grappling with growth, and the burden of optimism in a changing world.

“I love serious topics being hidden behind a bit of humour,” says Babbington. “And I also like really sad songs being masked by really happy music. ‘Drinking Mood’ is a really upbeat, high tempo, fun song with a big sing-a-long in the middle, but it’s actually one of the most depressing songs on the record. It’s about being so depressed that you turn to booze.”

Bursting with a bucket load of hooks and an irresistibly charming sense of humour, rarely does an album sound as though the people making it are having this much fun, and that’s largely because they were.

Catch the loveably shambolic Bakers Eddy as they embark upon their most extensive tour yet through June – July. The tour also coincides with the news of the band’s recent signing to renowned booking agency, Select Music (The Veronicas, The Teskey Brothers, DZ Deathrays).

Tickets go on sale this Monday, March 28 from 10am from the Bakers Eddy website, where you can also view full tour dates.