Back To Back Theatre are bringing their immersive performance of ‘small metal objects’ to Geelong’s Market Square

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Back To Back Theatre are bringing their immersive performance of ‘small metal objects’ to Geelong’s Market Square

Geelong Arts Centre - small metal objects - 2017 Hong Kong - supplied by WKCD2

Activating Market Square Geelong from April 27-29, small metal objects turns the traditional notion of theatre inside out in this thrilling public display where podcast techniques meets people watching at the local shopping centre.

For the first time since 2010, Back To Back Theatre are bringing their inventive and unique piece of theatre, small metal objects, back to Victoria. From 27 to 30 April, the International Ibsen Award-winning theatre company pairs people watching with an enthralling urban thriller at Market Square Geelong.

Challenging the audience’s assumptions of what it means to live with disability, small metal objects is a unique play that unravels amidst the hustle and bustle of urban foot traffic, in this case that of Market Square Shopping Centre.

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Driven by an ensemble of actors with intellectual disabilities, the performance explores how respect is withheld from outsiders – the disabled or unemployed – who society deems ‘unproductive’.

Each audience member watches from a raised bank with individual sets of headphones, allowing them to be wired into the intensely personal drama. As the story unfolds, the audience is drawn into the world of two men, Gary and Steve, who are normally unnoticed but tonight, they play a crucial role in the plans of two ambitious executives. 


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Geelong Arts Centre feels incredibly privileged to be hosting the prestigious Back to Back Theatre company in their highly anticipated return to live performances within the Australian Theatre landscape,” says Penny McCabe, Geelong Arts Centre Head of Programming.

We love to see Geelong’s immensely talented community of local artists thrive off-shore and on home soil and will continue to support and celebrate their impactful work for a long time to come.”

A very special addition to Geelong Arts Centre’s ‘Our Season 2023’, small metal objects is part of Back To Back Theatre’s larger body of work that questions the assumptions of what is possible in the world of theatre, and the assumptions we hold about ourselves and others.

Based in Geelong and inspired by its own ensemble of actors, Back to Back Theatre is a leading voice in contemporary, avant-garde world theatre. In 2022, Back To Back Theatre were awarded what many dub the Nobel Prize of theatre: The Ibsen Award. Considered as one of Australia’s most important cultural exports, Back To Back Theatre is powered by a troupe of actors who are perceived as neuro diverse in their ethos to pursue a model of equality that champions diversity and challenges public perceptions.

Making work locally that leads and tours globally, this is an organisation that platforms each new project as a further investigation into stories of the now, curiosities of the unknown and everything that lies between.

small metal objects  takes place in Market Square Geelong from 27 to 30 April for various performances. Tickets are on sale now here