Babushka Lounge Fundraiser

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Babushka Lounge Fundraiser

Although we love all our readers equally, we have our moments when we love some of you just a little bit more. Moments, for example, like when you contribute some of your hard­-earned or not so hard-­earned dollars to fine establishments such as Ballarat’s Babushka.

You see, they really love delivering the good times, but it can cost money to do such a thing. They’re also keen to host art film nights. So, for those unfamiliar with what is going on, they’ve been running a GoFundMe campaign to raise the necessary funds to deliver another year of said good times.

From the page: “My name is Garth, and I’ve dedicated the last five years to creating and maintaining this cute little den of creativity. It has been my dream for a long while, and I’m hopeful that if I can continue on, I will be able to generate a wider interest for Babushka in the region, thereby ensuring that this little business remains not only available to our local patrons, but viable as a permanent fixture in the town.”

If you have a little extra money, the venue would be forever grateful. You may even receive a hug at the door, though don’t hold me to that. Find out more through the site.