Babalon takes you on a spellbinding odyssey of her psyche with new single ‘Dark Lady’

Babalon takes you on a spellbinding odyssey of her psyche with new single ‘Dark Lady’

Words by Riya Kiran

Experimental meets pop in Babalon’s emotionally honest new track.

Melbourne-based goth pop songstress Babalon has just dropped her new single and music video ‘Dark Lady’, lifted from her debut album Draconis.

Released last year, the album features 13 entrancing tracks, reflecting vast soundscape of musical genres and styles that entrances listeners from start to finish.

In this particular track, Babalon explores the insidious nature of emotional and psychological abuse, and the complexity of the resulting trauma – a Dark Lady.

Proving her talent, Babalon has expertly interlaced genres of experimental and alternative pop to produce this clever track. With a futuristic appeal, Babalon’s gravelly deep voice guides you through the mystical build-up of ‘Dark Lady’, starting your journey. As you traverse through her narrative, she eventually thrusts you into an ultimate triumph at the powerful chorus.

Taking inspiration from artists such as Robert Manos and How to Destroy Angels, this dark track is laced with electric guitar and electronic techniques to create an absolutely bewitching tune.

Split into frames of colour and black and white, the accompanying music video features a shadow self, aka the Dark Lady following Babalon, and forcing her to confront. Added to the dynamic of the music video is a third individual: the protagonist. A deeply disconnected woman bearing trauma and struggling with her skewed perception of love. Boarding the journeying yacht, she is absorbed by her dark past, however as the video continues, she is forced to recognise her growth before it’s too late and the Dark Lady has consumed her.

It’s incredibly thought-provoking and entrancing and is a credit to Babalon’s masterful storytelling ability. See for yourself below.

All of Babalon’s work is a direct expression of her background in psychology and psychotherapy. Her music gives people the chance to self-reflect and put the blame where blame is due, giving survivors of trauma the chance for agency and greater possibilities in life.

The multitalented songwriter recently released her single and music video called ‘Scream’. The video was premiered via The Music, and received coverage from Clipped TVAustralian Musicians RadioSubculture EntertainmentAMNplify and many more.

Babalon’s new single ‘Dark Lady’ is available for download and streaming on all major online platforms.