Auto Lapse: Soft

Auto Lapse: Soft

After busily playing around the past few months Auto Lapse has finally released an EP and I’m pretty stoked about it. Five tracks of melodic ambience, disassociate effects, droney riffs and that sweet, sweet shoegaze vibe that Angus Crook has been refining for quite some time now.

‘Looking Round’ gives me an early Smashing Pumpkins vibe, not too far off tracks like ‘Rhinoceros’ or ‘My Daydream’ but with a little bit more balls. Whilst the track is led by a very subtle and elegant riff, it’s the heavier down-tuning of the bass that really gives the song it’s overall sound.

‘Outward’ is worth a mention due to its unique style of vocals, with Crook juxtaposing between singing/speaking and mumbling, it’s an impressive contrast when mixed with the distorted samples that are also tied in.

‘Soft’ marks the epic nine-minute closer and with its melancholic intro and heavy outro, it’s a bloody adventure to listen too but the overall finished product is triumphant and fuck it, I’m gonna say it’s slightly avant-garde as well.

Reverse Shadow Records
Reviewed by Alex Callan