Australia’s queen of soul, Kylie Auldist returns with her 80s inspired album ‘This Is What Happiness Looks Like’

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Australia’s queen of soul, Kylie Auldist returns with her 80s inspired album ‘This Is What Happiness Looks Like’

Words by Jessica Magtalas and Talia Rinaldo

Boogie, groovy and soulful – a dance party waiting to happen.

Often recognised as the voice of behind the greatest soul/funk act The Bamboos and the monster summer anthem ‘This Girl’ by Kungs vs Cookin’, Kylie Auldist’s sublime vocals has broken charts across the world, with the remix reaching #1 on single charts globally and garnering more than 1 billion streams on Spotify and YouTube alone.

With an Australian ARIA nomination under her belt, performing with a variety of funk bands including Polyester and Mega Bias, and lending her voice to muso legends such as Jimmy Barnes, Renee Geyer and Katie Noonan, she’s clearly talented… however Auldist remains mostly under the radar in the Australian music scene.

But for such a successful musician – renowned for her spectacular and charismatic performances – why is she so unnoticed to the Australian public?

“It’s a strange world out there for the music. I’ve never been a pop singer and I fit a certain genre which is soul and funk and that’s very niche in Australia,” Auldist reveals. “I’m really lucky though in the way the overseas market has been amazing for me.”

It’s a darn tragedy that she’s flown under the radar for so long as this Glenroy housewife and mother is one of Australia’s hidden gems, pleasantly blessing our ears and warming our souls for the past decade with the groovy tracks and her radiating aura.

Just like her personality reflects, Kylie has just released her newest addition to her discography, entitled This Is What Happiness Looks Like – which will make you want to get up and dance.

Inspired by her favourite 80s disco and electro artists like Prince and Madonna, as well as the New York club scene during that era, the album sports various tracks mixed with heavy synths, electric guitar and many catchy hooks.

Written with longtime friend and bandmate Warren Hunter, This Is What Happiness Looks Like is the follow up to her 2016 album Family Tree, which marked Auldist’s first 80s funk sound. Stepping away from her searing soul sound, Family Tree reinvigorated Auldist’s love for music.

“I had already done three very soul solo albums [before Family Tree], I was in The Bamboos and singing with Cooking on 3 Burners at the same time. I got my boogie fix everywhere else,” Auldist explains of the exhilarating new sound.

“I love disco and I wanted to break out. You get to a certain part of your career where you just think, ‘I’m not going to rule the world. I may as well just have fun, enjoy the music’. I’m not beholden to anyone, I’m allowed to do whatever I want… And so I did.”

It was this album that truly fuelled the fire for her latest release and sees Auldist hone in on and perfect a collection of amazing new boogie, disco and electro inspired tracks – you’ll definitely feel a sense of 80s-nostalgia.

The opening song, ‘Everythink’ is an electro-boogie sound, fused with lyrics reminiscent to classic Wham or Hall & Oates tunes. Infectious to the ears, the slinky synth bass line partnered with stunning vocals is perfect for those summery tunes.

Want to recreate the iconic Tom Cruise Risky Business dance scene? Yes?

Well, perfect for you, ‘Is it Fun?’ will make sure you won’t be able to sit still. This boogie track nails the atmosphere of a song you just can’t get out of your head. With a sing-along chorus and its irresistible good grooves and feelings, you’ll be transported back to the 80s – visualising the colourful fashion and legendary pop culture classic.

For more of a steadier tune, listen to ‘Flow’. Like the track describes, the song features a more easy-going and chill vibe, ending with guitar-heavy melodies to set you along to the next piece.

Growing up surrounded by successful and ambitious individuals, Kylie’s story is an adventurous ride. Attending School of the Air at nine and having lived in Bhutan, China and India, for this soul queen, the sky is the limit.

“I’m really proud of this album, I think it’s beautiful,” she says.

“I just want to go out and share it with the world. Singing for me is like breathing and I feel like it makes me fly and it makes me feel good. I’m missing being inside the music with the band and you know, feeling those vibrations in my body.”

With that, Kylie’s newest album is set to add more streams to her billions that she has already. A release not to miss out on, so get your groove on and keep your eyes and ears open for the queen of soul.

‘This Is What Happiness Looks Like’ is out now via Soul Bank Music.