Australian phenomenon Pub Choir is heading to Ballarat this year

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Australian phenomenon Pub Choir is heading to Ballarat this year

Credit: Jacob Morrison

With a show that is equal parts music, comedy, and beer, Pub Choir is a euphoric sensation that transforms a crowd of tipsy strangers into a legendary choir - and it's coming to Ballarat.

Having received the tick of approval from Kate Bush herself, Australia’s Pub Choir has become a nationwide phenomenon in recent years, bringing strangers together for a night of singing, smiling, dancing, and drinking.

The brainchild of music teacher and event director Astrid Jorgensen and close friend Meg Bartholomew, Pub Choir began in Brisbane in 2017 as a means of finding a way to get her old friends together for a singalong.

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Going from pop-ups in pubs to huge capital city venues (like Brisbane’s Fortitude Music Hall), Pub Choir has grown exponentially over the past five years, attracting hundreds of strangers to come together and learn low, medium and high harmonies to record a popular song. There are also talented professionals on hand each time to show everyone the ropes and lead the way.

The result is a big boozy singing session that Kate Bush described as “utterly, utterly wonderful”, with the event now making its way across the nation.

Led by song witch (the good kind), Astrid Jorgensen, Pub Choir is heading across Australia once again this year to ask the question, ‘Can You Relax?!’ Come and unclench your jaw for an evening as we unite thousands of people across the nation with one mega singalong. 15 cities sharing one epic tune? There will be chaos, there will be laughs, and you WILL feel better.

Locally, Pub Choir will head to the Civic Hall in Ballarat on 18 July 2023 where attendees will be transformed from a regular punter into a musical legend, just by turning up and participating in the show. Grab a ticket, bring your most solid (or liquid) mates, and they’ll take care of the rest.

The best part is you will never be kicked out of Pub Choir for singing terribly, it’s not that sort of choir! Instead, you’ll laugh, joke, and possibly drink your way to choral glory as you learn one song in three-part harmony with hundreds of happy strangers.

Come with your mates or come alone. Everyone is welcome and together we will create wonderful memories and melodies, with a glass of wine or a cold beer in hand.

Pub Choir takes to the Civic Hall in Ballarat on 18 July 2023. Purchase tickets here