Australian Music Vault celebrates five-year anniversary of musical storytelling

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Australian Music Vault celebrates five-year anniversary of musical storytelling

Opened from an idea by Michael Gudinski and developed by Arts Centre Melbourne in 2017, the site has received two million visitors since its opening.

Displaying memorabilia of over 250 artists, The Australian Music Vault has been a site of ever-increasing interest since its opening in 2017, continuing to play an important role in connecting Victorian, national and international visitors of all ages and walks of life with the ever-changing world of Australian contemporary music.

The five-year anniversary of the free exhibition marks a successful period since it’s open, where it tells the stories of Australian music in a variety of ways.

Australian Music Vault turns five

  • Australian Music Vault celebrating five years since it’s open
  • Memorabilia shown from over 250 artists

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“For five years the Australian Music Vault has been working hard to amplify the stories of Australian contemporary music through our constantly evolving exhibition space and digital experiences. Through our continued collaboration with the music industry, we will continue to cement our place as a must-visit Melbourne location,” says Arts Centre Melbourne CEO Karen Quinlan.

Amplifying the stories of Australian Music is something this exhibit takes seriously. Featuring live performances, learning programs, public events, digital events and even bus tours. The Melbourne Art Centre have not only developed a permanent location for a tangible form of storytelling, but also a myriad of other ways to encompass Australia’s rich music history.

“What started as an industry idea, evolved into a permanent exhibition of Australia’s musical and cultural heritage, with the Vault an initiative we’ve been proud to back every step of the way – ensuring our rich musical heritage is conserved and celebrated for Victorians now and for generations to come,” says Minister for Creative Industries Steve Dimopoulos.

The Arts Centre in collaboration with AMV have also created Vault Sessions, a digital concert project. Being founded to continue live music through another medium and still pay artists who performed during the lockdowns, it’s clear that the Australian Music Vault remains a strong ally of all modern Australian Musicians.

For more information, visit the AMV website here.