Aus Music Festival, Director Russ Goodear

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Aus Music Festival, Director Russ Goodear

There is a plethora of music festivals along the Great Ocean Road, and the Aus Music Festival in Warrnambool is the newest addition to line up. In its first year, the inaugural festival is run in association with Music Victoria for “people of all ages who love all kinds of Australian music”.
“When you come to Warrnambool you will see a whole range [of music] from folk indie to blue grass, punk rock; all different styles of music – even electronic and shoegaze. We believe that it’s a great way to, first of all, showcase the new emerging music,” festival director Russ Goodear says. “It’s really a kaleidoscope. The whole of town will be full of music.”
Featuring big names like the Germein Sisters, up and coming talent like Melbourne locals Raised by Eagles and Australian music icons Archie Roach and Neil Murray taking to the Tarerer Showcase of Indigenous music.
“To have built into our program the wonderful Australian music is just a real bonus. Having Archie Roach and Neil Murray and the whole line up is wonderful,” he says.
There will also be a flashback to the best music of the past, with the Back To The Bay Concert on Saturday Night. In addition, the legendary Motorvators have also come together for the event. “They’ve reformed and they’re a major attraction. Particularly the locals who remember the days when they played, and they’ll be a real highlight for the festival,” Goodear says.
A keystone of the event is the Aus Music Forum, held on Saturday morning. “This is really a wonderful chance for people who have some kind of understanding of the music industry, and for those who want to find out more about how to proceed through the music industry – this is a must.”
Perfect for up and coming musicians, established artists, teachers and music lovers, industry experts like The Corner’s Tim Northeast, ex singer-songwriter Leah Senior, and Forte’s own editor Amanda Sherring will be on hand to discuss the ins and outs of the biz. The forum features four sessions going for 2 ½ -3 hours each, with guitarists Robbie Bostock and Leah ‘Sonnyboy’ Morgan also leading a guitar master class.
“A lot of [up and coming] bands get mixed up. They kind of don’t have the experience. So this is a way for them to find out the way to promote my band, how I should market my band and how I should deal with the media. I encourage anyone who’s interested in music or pursuing a career, or is quietly professional in the industry, to come along. Music teachers, come along. It’s only $10, and it’s $5 for students.”
Aside from the legendary Lighthouse Theatre and The Loft, there will also be music playing in cafes and pubs all weekend. The festival is designed to be more than your run of the mill event – it was made for the locals.
“We wanted to make this easy to engage the whole town, to give them ownership of this festival as it’s our first one,” Russ shares.
“There’s a list of probably 20 venues that we’ll have, ranging from poster exhibitions to concerts, solo performances as well as live music.”
Whether you’re a fan of jazz, electronic, old school tunes, gospel or simply want to learn how to make it in the biz, Goodear and the team have made sure there is something to delight your ears at the Aus Music Festival. “The city will be full of beautiful music for the weekend. There’ll be something for everyone,” he says.
The Aus Music Festival Warrnambool is on 30 October to 1 November. For tickets and more information, visit
Written by Jessica Morris
When & Where: Various locations, Warrnambool – October 30 – November