Aurora Kurth

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Aurora Kurth

Lacey corsets, body contortionists, circus tricks and top hats sounds like descriptions of scenes in a movie, but they’re a firm reality at the Gangsters’ Ball. Forte had a chat to MC extraordinaire, Aurora Kurth, ahead of the event.
Hi Aurora, thanks for taking the time to chat to us. How are you and what are you up to at the moment?
Great to be chatting with you, I’m feeling pretty good at the moment! I’ve just finished touring the country for a month with a killer show and now I’m back in chilly Melbourne getting ready for the Gangsters’ Ball. New costume. New character. Good times! I’ll be unleashing Kitty Ka-Bang on the audience this year and I really can’t wait to see what she gets up to.
We saw you MC under a few different characters, like Hoxie Tucker the sassy Texan, how do you get into character before a show? Does the costume play a key role in this?
Yes, once I put the costume on backstage, the character has arrived and that’s who I am for the rest of the night. Backstage at the Gangsters’ Ball is just as fun as being on stage – there’s some big personalities behind the curtain, although between the hair spray and the glitter it can be tricky to make out the faces, the conversations are animated and the tales are tall.
How do you actually create a character? Are they based off friends or people you know?
I love the challenge of creating new characters. Sometimes the costume comes first, sometimes it’s the voice or it might be someone I’ve met who’s left a strong impression on me and inspired me to base a persona around them.
A lot of people probably don’t realise how important the role of the MC is, why do you think it’s important?
The ball must be kept in the air. A show like the Gangsters’ Ball is a long event, there’s so much going on, so many performers and over a thousand people who’ve paid good money for their tickets and deserve to have the time of their lives! The MC has to set the scene, help people to know what’s going on, keep them laughing and energised. Also, no performer wants to come on stage to a bored and confused audience looking at them blankly! No way – the MC has to build the hype for each entertainer, keep the stage warm and the applause rapturous!!
You’ll be MCing at the Gangster’s Ball in a few months and that’s a show you’ve done before, what is it about the show that has you coming back?
There’s no other show like it in Australia – The Gangsters’ Ball is a faithful recreation of a 1920’s speak-easy, every show features one of Australia’s best Swing Bands, Swing/Rock ‘n’ Roll DJ’s, The Gambling Den – with Poker, Roulette and Black Jack tables, Pin-up models, merchandise stalls, cocktail bars, vintage styling parlour, photo booth, PLUS over four hours on non stop entertainment featuring some of the biggest names in Cabaret, Comedy, Sideshow Vaudeville, Burlesque, Magic, and Illusion. It is epic!
What’s the general vibe like on the night?
The vibe is awesome – everyone dressed to the nine’s – colours, feathers, pinstripes, hats, boas, glitz and glamour. People look forward to the night all year – they arrive ebullient and ready to celebrate and indulge.
Thanks again for having the chat with us, is there anything you’d like to add before we finish up?
The Gangsters’ Ball has sold out for the past few years, so wrangle a group of friends, book your tickets and come for the ride with us
When&Where: The Gangster’s Ball, Forum Theatre – September 13