Aurelia and reminiscing the magic

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Aurelia and reminiscing the magic

With a name like Aurelia, which comes from the Latin Aurelius from “aureus” meaning “golden, you already know you will be transported to another magical world before even listening to her music.
With music that is ambient, spiritual and relaxing, the Grammy Award nominated singer/songwriter’s melodies are as striking as they are beautiful, and with a lyrical thematic spectrum ranging from the intimacy and quiet pain of heartbreak to the universal perspective of greater humanity – a sound which Aurelia describes as magical.
“There is definitely a sort of world that I’m looking to create that I hear in my head; my whole aim now is to articulate that and it is something that I don’t have a direct reference for because it comes from just an unusual set of creative variables, with my martial arts and those studies. There’s no fixed outcome that I’m looking for; it’s more the circumstance that will allow me energy wise to find what I’m dreaming of, if that makes sense,” she laughs, before elaborating on being practitioner of Martial Arts at the highest international level.
“It’s one of those things, it’s a cliché, but I think maybe it chose me,” she reveals. “I certainly didn’t go out into the world looking for it, but I came across it and I completely fell in love with it. And that has been my life since. I found the martial art and it really took on a life of its own.
With this international training and a clear determination and focus to the art, Aurelia’s music has greatly been influenced from her martial arts practices, allowing her to understand energy and further develop her style and share it all with the world.
“For a long time, I didn’t want to say anything about the martial arts, I wanted to keep it all separate,” she continues. “But then it came to the point, in terms of authenticity, that it would be weird and not truthful to leave this enormous thing out, I want them to live together, that was a couple of years ago when I made that decision and now it’s all just one big thing.
“In a way, it’s the same pursuit,” she smiles, “With martial arts, you chase this internal unity and freedom and beauty, and I think the music strangely, in this most beautiful way, is the same; I get to do the same thing. Music allows me to communicate that and share that and have that exchange, sending something out in the world, whereas martial arts is a very solitary thing.”
After spending the last few years co-writing with other artists, and as a result scoring numerous US Billboard top 10 releases, cracking the triple j Hottest 100, multiple American Blues Music Awards nominations and a nod from the Grammy board, the phenomenon that is Aurelia is a multifaceted machine.
Since the release of her critically acclaimed debut, the demo (sans instruments) of her track ‘Are We Losing’, Aurelia has kicked off the year with her sophomore release, the coquettishly masterful ‘Chest’ and is ready to take on music whole-heartedly and has put a hold on co-writing for now.
“I’ve decided towards the end of last year, bar something coming up that just melts my brain that I can’t do without, but I really just want to drift off into my own world, especially coming into touring,” she reveals.
“I’ve got an album written, I’ve got it all ready to go, so I’m just sort of doing little bit by little bit,” the humble musician reveals. “I think when the time comes, that it will just be the right time for it to all come together.
“While the whole thing is written, only part is recorded. I feel really excited because I feel really sure about the how, the when, the where and the who and all that stuff which is so excited so I’m just waiting for the variables to align so that becomes possible where I can just lock away for a little while and hash it out.”
Aurelia will be launching her single ‘Chest’ this Saturday (Feb 17th) at The Wesley Anne Melbourne. Tickets can be purchased here.
In the meantime, check it out below.