Augie March are heading to the Torquay Hotel for a Sunday summer session

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Augie March are heading to the Torquay Hotel for a Sunday summer session

Words by Staff Writer

Augie March are the beloved Aussie indie rock band with a distinctive sound characterised by rich, poetic lyrics and eclectic musical arrangements.

Prepare for a musical journey with the incomparable Augie March as they gear up to grace the Torquay Hotel with their unique sound and poetic brilliance on a lazy Sunday afternoon this summer.

The band, a consistent force in the music scene, unfazed by passing trends, will be heading to the Torquay hot spot on Sunday, 21 January 2024.

“Augie March are stoked (that’s the lingo one uses when in these parts, yes?) to announce that we will be at the Torquay Hotel on Sunday 21 January to sniff some salty air and savour the coastal vista while playing songs from across our catalogue,” the band shared online.

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Formed in 1996 in Shepparton, Victoria, the band gained prominence for their thoughtful and complex songwriting, earning critical acclaim and a dedicated fan base.

Led by singer-songwriter Glenn Richards, Augie March has released several albums, including the acclaimed “Sunset Studies” and “Moo, You Bloody Choir.” Their music often explores diverse genres, showcasing a blend of folk, rock, and alternative influences.

As winners of the AMP, Hottest 100, and various APRA awards, Augie March is no stranger to accolades, yet they remain indie at heart, traversing the corporate landscape while maintaining their reverence across the globe. Whether making dreams and nightmares come alive on a theatre stage or tearing it up in a dive, Augie March is a band that defies categorisation.

Expect a set that’s both tender and rollicking, showcasing their ability to be the nicest neo-folkies at your local RSL one night and then rocking a winery set in the lofty hills the next afternoon.

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