Atticus Chimps fight the man

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Atticus Chimps fight the man

In a world of ‘I want it all’, Gold Coast alternative rock trio Atticus Chimps are fighting the good fight. They have just released a video for ‘Don’t Blame Me’, which takes a jab at consumerist culture. They are, however, quick to point out it’s all in good spirit. “…We’re dopey arm-chair philosophers that try and solve all the world’s problems by writing a catchy song!” We chat to the guys ahead of their East Coast tour.

Hey there, thanks for chatting with Forte today. To start off, can you tell us how you got into alternative rock? Have you always wanted to play music?

We grew up listening to punk rock bands like Blink 182, Green Day and The Offspring. They really captured the zeitgeist of the early 2000’s – especially in the film industry – and from a young age we were inspired to play their tunes and perform them in front of a crowd of people.

Can you list off some bands that have influenced your music?

It almost seems disrespectful to name such a revered band like Nirvana as having influenced our sound, but they were just such a wicked band and inspired us a lot. Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Queens of the Stone Age, Dandy Warhols, Incubus, Smashing Pumpkins… We’ll never reach the heights that these bands did but we can at least try. We also love Aussie bands like Wolfmother, Powderfinger, Silverchair and… does AC/DC count as Aussie?

What is the rock scene like in Australia?

THRIVING! It actually blows us away that there are so many cool rock bands established and on the rise in this country. It really is making a resurgence and we’re stoked to be apart of it.

Is the process of creating music something you find arduous?

In the beginning, yes. But once you find your sound – which can at times seem like an endless journey – it makes it a lot easier to keep writing new ones and dig up those familiar chord progressions and melodies to create a new song. A lot of bands songs are more or less variations of their other songs, and there’s nothing wrong with that. That’s how a band becomes recognisable.

Could you describe what it was like being discovered’? Does it ever really sink in?

I think we’re still undergoing that process. This is our first tour and the first time we’ll be exposed to listeners outside of our home town. We’re definitely gaining traction though. Once we get airplay on serious radio stations, we’ll be on the rise. So jump on the “I knew them before they were famous” bandwagon before it’s too late!

Has everything been what you expected, or has this journey been a continuous curveball?

Absolutely not. This industry has caught me off guard time and time again and fed me multiple blows to the kidneys. 2016 was a huge learning curve for us and we’re relieved that we finally know what we have to do to get heard.

What does the future hold for Atticus Chimps?

The possibilities are endless. We’d love to start playing at festivals, supporting bigger bands on tour, and eventually start touring the world on our own and play our own string of shows. One can dream.

When & Where: Bendigo Hotel, Collingwood – December 6, Music Man, Bendigo – December 8 & Woody’s Bar, Melbourne – December 9. Check them out via