Atreyu: Long Live

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Atreyu: Long Live

Atreyu have been in the scene for a while, there’s no denying that, and it really show through in their newest release, Long Live. It’s an audiol punch to the throat, with plenty of guitar riffs, breaks and thought out lyrical content to listen to.
Even with a recent three-year break the band have managed to come through it with their sound relatively unaffected. Though, the lack of change could also be a sign of the band not moving with the times. It is great, however, to see a band stick so devotedly and honestly to their origins, something that is often the first thing to get thrown by the wayside in new bands.
The undeniable highlight is ‘Live to Labor’, the timing is perfect and each element couldn’t be placed any better. ‘I Would Kill/Lie/Die (For You)’ is a bit of a cringe-worthy start with the vocals just not hitting the mark. ‘Revival’ is a great halfway point where things slow down, it almost has the same effect as white bread or water in between wine/beer tastings. For die hard fans this is another Atreyu album you’ll want to be proudly displaying on your shelf, but for those who have come to love the direction heavy metal has since taken, purchase with caution.
Out Via Spinefarm/Caroline Australia
Reviewed by Alexander Lightfoot