At The Gates: The Ultimate Triple Bill Kill

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At The Gates: The Ultimate Triple Bill Kill

So, if you’re into melodic death metal and you weren’t at this gig then I feel sorry for you. At The Gates are without a doubt the best in the genre and they proved that to everyone at Max Watts who had the pleasure of seeing the Swedish death metal band from Gothenburg. Here are some of the highlights ‘from the night itself’.

Wow, what a support. I’ve wanted to see Witchery for a couple of years now since first hearing their music, and they did not disappoint at all. Seeing them perform songs like ‘Legion’, ‘Awaiting the Exorcist’ and ‘True North’ was an absolute honour and it was awesome to see people getting involved with sing-alongs and getting their fists in the air for the Swedish extreme metal legends.

That’s right, At the Gates’ Tomas has his own highlight in this review for being one of the most unique vocalists I’ve ever been lucky enough to see perform live. His vocals have constantly grown since 1990 and his voice nowadays at 46 years old is really something else; his screams aren’t your predictable death metal growls. You can hear so much of his own unique voice in his screams and his stage presence knows how to pump a crowd right up. You can just tell that he’s been doing this shit for years and the vocals on the new album (in my opinion) are the best they’ve ever been, which brings me to the next highlight…

Every song from their latest album ‘To Drink From The Night Itself’ that they performed live were my favourites from the amazing set list and for that reason, it’s my new favourite album by them, and the best melodic death metal album I’ve ever heard. They opened with the title track to get shit going fast, then included songs such as ‘Daggers of Black Haze’, ‘A Stare Bound In Stone’, ‘Daggers of Black Haze’, ‘The Mirror Black’, and my personal favourite ‘The Colours of the Beast’ which features the most evil riff you’ll ever hear about halfway through the track. Old songs like ‘Slaughter of the Soul’, ‘Cold’ and ‘Under a Serpent Sun’ were insanely cool to witness live and the crowd absolutely loved it. As cool as it would have been to hear something from ‘The Red In The Sky Is Ours’, I truly think they have outdone themselves with the new release and I’m so excited to see what they do next as a band, and hopefully see them perform live again.

When: Saturday April 27
Where: Max Watts, Melbourne
Supports: In Malices Wake, Witchery, The Haunted
Reviewed by Nathan Mossop
Photo sourced from band socials