Art of Sleeping: Shake Shiver

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Art of Sleeping: Shake Shiver

As soon as ‘Win Your Heart’ starts off there’s a juxtaposition between the upbeat jangly guitar and darker vocals of Caleb Hodges, reminiscent of The National. It’s an obvious difference, but when the chorus breaks out, so does Hodges.
‘Crazy’, ‘If Only You Could Ease My Mind’, ‘Voodoo’ and ‘The Cage’ are notable highlights, you’ll recognise a few from the radio.
‘Jefferson’ comes so close to hitting the mark but there’s something about the composition that misses out, possibly more time dedicated to instrumental solos would have been the difference?
Forcing you to take a break and listen stop and listen is ‘I Could Make You’ – and the attention paid is well worth it. It’s a slower track compared to the others and the appeal is in the lingering vocals and consistent guitar and drum beat.
If you haven’t heard of Art of Sleeping before, it’s about time you did. I’d happily say they are one of the next few bands to blow up in 2016, this is their year. Shake Shiver is simply their debut release, but it’s already risen the bar to what a debut release should be.
Avialable now via Dew Process/UMA
Reviewed by Amanda Sherring