Anna Dot on new EP Detox: ‘I don’t see any point in putting on a facade when I write music, we do that enough in real life already’

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Anna Dot on new EP Detox: ‘I don’t see any point in putting on a facade when I write music, we do that enough in real life already’

Photo Credit: Dominique Berns

Songwriting is inherently vulnerable.

The act of creating a song from thin air and then standing up in front of a crowd of people and performing it to them is risky and terrifying – even more so when the lyrics are deeply personal. But that’s what makes it so beautiful.

For some artists, including Sydney-based singer-songwriter Anna Dot, being honest in her songwriting is “extremely cathartic”. With her sophomore EP Detox out today, it’s clear her vulnerability is what makes her so strong.

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“Music, to me, is a way of working through emotions and situations and sharing that with others so they can relate to it, or see things from a new perspective. Most of my songs’ lyrics are things I might not have had the courage, or the perspective, to say at the time, so resolving that through song often provides a sense of closure,” she tells us. “I don’t see any point in putting on a facade when I write music, we do that enough in real life already.”

Produced by Dave Kempton, Detox is all about opening up and letting go. Fusing lighthearted ukulele plucks, vibrato-laden vocals, folk-pop melodies and Anna’s signature intimate lyrics, the EP finds brightness in the dark.

The EP’s latest single, Body Language, is the artist’s most confronting song yet. Released during Sexual Assault Awareness Month, the track tells the harrowing tale of a one-night stand gone wrong, covering the female experience of crossing one’s personal boundaries to keep others happy.

“In general I hope that people feel seen when they listen to my songs, I think that’s one of the most beautiful ways music can impact someone. Body Language is a special case though – it’s essentially a song about consent or the potential lack thereof, and it’s the only song I’ve ever written where I truly hope that not many people can relate to it,” she says.

“It’s not really a song to be ‘liked’ – in fact people have told me it makes them feel quite uncomfortable to listen to and I think that is the point to some degree. It’s a song that is meant to make you think, and hopefully even spark a conversation.”

Following her 2020 debut album Tangled, Detox brings a full band into the mix, showcasing orchestral instruments on top of Anna’s acoustic offerings.

“I think growing up, I felt like a career in music was something unattainable, something that only happened in movies,” she tells us. “But then as a teenager, I started following aspiring artists on social media and followed their journey as they navigated the industry and to this day I find it fascinating and empowering to get this behind-the-scenes look because it showed me that it’s not so unrealistic a dream after all!”

Following last night’s launch party at Lazybones Lounge, Anna has more live performances planned in support of the new project. She particularly likes venues where she can get up close and personal with her fans, sharing the stories behind the music and connecting with the audience after the show.

“I take great care to make sure my lyrics are honest and align with my values, and as long as they’re that, I don’t mind being vulnerable in front of an audience. In fact, I hope it inspires them to be a bit more vulnerable too.”

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This article was made in partnership with Anna Dot.