Andy McGarvie reveals musing new single ‘All I Wanted’

Andy McGarvie reveals musing new single ‘All I Wanted’


The track is a testament to McGarvie’s growth as an artist.

Earning himself a solid reputation for his guitar-driven blues-rock with soul and pop sensibilities over the past few years, Melbourne-born Andy McGarvie is back in full force revealing ‘All I Wanted’, his second single of 2020.

Released late last week, ‘All I Wanted’ captures you right from the start, championed by McGarvie’s honey sweet vocals and heartfelt songwriting, leaving you hanging on his every word throughout the duration of the four-minute track.

With nods to the likes of John Mayer, Mat Kearney and Jack Johnson, the folk, soul and rock influences surge and flourish throughout the track, highlighting the endowed contributions of McGarvie’s band.

Driven by a heavy guitar line, booming percussion, and vibrant organic productive, McGarvie has impressively aimed for and achieved a smooth, cohesive, feel-good atmosphere without sacrificing a sense of lyrical and stylistic seriousness.

Listening to the track, you can hear the heart and soul that went into creating it. Anthemic in nature, but subtle in tone, ‘All I Wanted’ candidly addresses the feeling of loneliness that can come from being in a loveless relationship, and the difficulties of making the decisions around ending such a coupling.

“‘All I Wanted’ is about the end of a relationship, but there’s a lot more on the album that’s about personal growth and understanding the world a bit differently as a 30-something rather than a 20-something,” McGarvie said in a recent chat with Beat Magazine.

Until recently, the Aussie singer-songwriter was living out his life in London, where he put in the hard yards as a struggling musician, he got sober, dealt with his demons and continues to do so. Now back on home soil, McGarvie is channelling his energy into his music, preparing to release his album that’s being in the works for the last two years. As the second taste to this album, ‘All I Wanted’ is a testament to McGarvie’s growth as an artist in this time.

“What I really wanted to get across with this album is my own realisation that honesty is more important than anything.”

Much like his previous release ‘Going About This’, which reflected on McGarvie’s experience getting sober and learning from the mistakes of his past, ‘All I Wanted’ boasts passionate heartfelt and authentic lyrics, representing his optimum musical orientation.

From just the two releases we’ve currently had the pleasure of listening to, it’s clear we can expect the forthcoming record will highlight not just McGarvie’s prodigious guitar skills, but also his partiality for adult contemporary songcraft.

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