Andrew McClelland & Martine Wengrow – The Very Model of A Modern Major Musical.

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Andrew McClelland & Martine Wengrow – The Very Model of A Modern Major Musical.

An exuberant hour of musical comedy written for a cast of ninety, performed by a cast of two.

Award-winning comedian (and celebrated international DJ) Andrew McClelland foolishly spent 2020 writing a full-length, full-cast modern comic operetta based on the musical clichés and ridiculous plots of Gilbert & Sullivan (but with the pesky sexism and colonialism removed, pro LGBTQIA+ themes inserted, and all the style, ridiculous fun, comedy, and catchy songs retained).

At three hours and a cost of millions, that show will never be produced, but that isn’t stopping Andrew!

Joined by his over-talented, ever-eager accompanist and accomplice, Martine Wengrow, Andrew is determined to bring his musical vision to life! (Within the bounds of a Fringe show setting.)

This loving spin on G&S tells the tale of a lovelorn corporate law-firm IT department seeking unlikely glory in their inter-firm, inter-gender footy comp. It appeals to both the passionate G&S fan and those with no idea what a G&S is. After a critically acclaimed seasons at both Adelaide Fringe 2022 and MICF 2022, this show is polished, primed and ready to reach a much broader Melbourne Fringe audience! Featuring stand up, musical virtuosity, non-mandatory sing-a-longs and now appearing in the perfectly fitting and completely accessible 19th century surrounds of Solidarity Hall, this is the version no-one should miss.