Andrea Robertson

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Andrea Robertson

Ocean Grove’s Andrea Robertson is a singer and songwriter whose name is now synonymous with passion, honesty and integrity. She has a voice like honey and a knack for making music that gets into your system and feels like an old friend.

“When you hear her songs, it’s instantly clear the immense power Robertson holds with her voice – both delicate and mighty with each word sung. Her cadence and style stir listeners and provides them with comfort and warmth, something ever-present on her new EP” [Forte Magazine]

Andrea has been busy back in the studio in more recent times with an exciting series of new EP releases coinciding with the change of seasons, the first – Seasons Volume 1 – of which was released at the start of Autumn. Once again, the award-winning artist captures the utterly organic essence her music and song-writing is known for.

“Coated in a golden warmth and promising to light a bright fire within, Seasons Volume 1 sees the award-winning artist mature and develop her sound even further, returning to the fold with a delightful, expansive, and harmony-rich attitude…gifting us the first real taste of new solo material since the release of her endlessly relatable 2021 single Timely Reminder” [Beat Magazine]