An outdoor murder mystery experience is coming to Geelong

An outdoor murder mystery experience is coming to Geelong

Geelong is transforming into a giant game of Cluedo next month.

Think you have what it takes to catch a killer?

CluedUpp is the exciting outdoor detective game that’s just like a giant version of the board-game Cluedo – and it’s coming to Geelong on 20th February this year.
But this isn’t your typical murder mystery night or escape room that we all know and love. No this is completely different as CluedUpp murder-mysteries unfold virtually, via an award-winning app.

Entirely self-guided, it’s a puzzle-solving experience, where you have to, as a team, solve puzzles to unlock witness testimony at each location. Once you have unlocked the witness testimony you have to figure out how that fits into the overall narrative.

For the upcoming regional edition – The Geelong Ripper – the case follows a new Ripper that is on the loose, and will see a team of detective’s scramble across town, solving the clues and cracking the case before The Ripper strikes again (hopefully!).

To play, you just need to round up a group of your mates and grab 1 ticket per team of six players. CluedUpp will send you a pre-game briefing via e-mail 2 weeks before your event, and then you just need to arrive at the nominated (and highly secret!) start location anytime between 9am and 2pm on the day.

From there, detectives scramble across town and interrogate virtual witnesses, crack clues, solve puzzles and complete challenges and then unravel the mystery, save the town and take the glory!

Sounds pretty cool right?

It’s not just glory you’ll be leaving with either, but also a number of cool prizes will be on offer for the fastest team, best fancy dress (detective inspired), best team picture, best team name, best young detective (under 16’s prize) and best K-9 (dogs prize). Yep, you can even take your pooch on this adventure.

The Geelong Ripper hits the town on Saturday, February 20th. For more information or to grab your tickets visit