An interactive horror experience is heading to Geelong

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An interactive horror experience is heading to Geelong

Dark Lake is the newest interactive horror experience, set for its Geelong showcase one October 12-14.

Around 18,000 patrons across Australia have experienced the unique event, which tests your knowledge on finding out where the truth really lies.

As the site states: “Nobody quite knows what’s wrong with Dark Lake. Inexplicable things happen there. People go missing. People go there after dark, then come out…strange. Changed, somehow. People see things, they hear voices…No one knows what’s causing the pervasive air of menace around this place. Rumours of hauntings and unquiet spirits abound.”

Essentially the experience is classed as a walk-around theatre show, where attendees enter the actors spaces who will construct the story around them.

Tickets are strictly limited, with only three sessions set for Geelong on October 12, 13 and 14 all from 7.30pm.

Purchase tickets via the website. Find out more info via the Facebook event page.