An incredible new state-of-the-art planetarium has opened in Bendigo

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An incredible new state-of-the-art planetarium has opened in Bendigo

Years in the making, this interstellar experience has finally opened at the Discovery Centre Bendigo!

In some brilliant news for the stargazers among us, outer space can now be explored in regional Victoria with a bigger and better planetarium arriving in Bendigo this month.

Backed by $250,000 from the Regional Tourism Investment Fund through the Victorian Government, the new Bendigo Planetarium at the Discovery Science and Technology Centre is now complete and double the size of the original venue.

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Expected to attract more than 14,000 new visitors to the region annually, the redesigned planetarium includes a state-of-the-art dome theatre that displays high-res images of planets and the cosmos to teach audiences about space.

Opening over the weekend, visitors can now enjoy a range of entertaining and educational experiences in the six-metre-high dome. By using more than 30,000 items of scientific data and images, students will be able to take part in astronomy lessons.

Visitors can also sit back and explore outer space by watching footage and images displayed on the doom by a 360-degree projector. The space can also be hired by the community for film screenings or other events.

The planetarium will soon be used for the Central Victorian Indigenous Film Festival to show a film on Carriberrie dance, song and music in Aboriginal culture recorded on 360-degree cameras.

Established in 1995, Bendigo’s Discovery Science and Technology Centre is a non-for-profit organisation and one of Australia’s first science and technology centres outside of a major metropolitan city.

The new planetarium is designed to bring in more visitors to the region thanks to the dome-theatre and is open every Tuesday to Sunday with special event bookings available on the Discovery Centre website.

The Regional Tourism Investment Fund is helping entice more visitors to Victoria’s regions, driving private investment and boosting the tourism sector.

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