An immersive, very intense experience (in a Shipping Container) is heading to Geelong

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An immersive, very intense experience (in a Shipping Container) is heading to Geelong

It’s the theatre experience dubbed so powerful that you might not make it through the entire sitting; an experience that during its debut at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2017, some sessions had to be aborted midway so audience members could get out.
Welcome to Séance.
Blurring the bounds of perception and reality, Séance will challenge the mind and stimulate the senses by presenting a fully immersive theatrical experience… in complete darkness.
The brainchild of UK-based theatre masterminds, Glen Neath and David Rosenberg of DARKFIELD (UK), Séance merges the concept of a traditional séance with binaural audio technology, sonic vibrations and a spot of mechanical chicanery to deliver an experience that plays strange tricks on the mind.
And now it’s making its regional premiere in Geelong where guests with enter a 40ft white shipping container.
Intriguing isn’t it? Well step inside, take a seat, but don’t get comfortable…
You’ll don headphones. You’ll sit at a long table, place your palms on it, and prepare to summon spirits from the beyond. For the next 20 intense minutes, audience members will be plunged into complete darkness, to experience a performance that will make them question their own senses.
Séance is not recommended for those who are claustrophobic, pregnant, suffer heart or back conditions, or under the age of 15. As it’s controlled but only up to a point, we must stress this one really isn’t for the faint hearted.
So, are you game?
It all goes down at the rear of Geelong Town Hall from October 25 – November 4th, presented by Realscape Productions in association with Darkfield.
Tickets can be purchased here.
Check out the trailer here.

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