An Alien date with OK Sure

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An Alien date with OK Sure

You wake up in your bedroom and there is an Alien standing in your room, don’t worry he is not looking to abduct you and or steal your parts. Instead the Alien tells you that he has been sent for a day to find out the best things about humanity has to offer and you have been chosen to show him around?
Is the alien hot? Or is it like slimy with giant eyes and tentacles? Either way we should probably procreate, you know for science.
What song do you show the Alien and why?
Obviously I’d give him my demo, I could tap into a whole new market.
What movie do you show the Alien and why?
I dunno what’s on? We should go to the fancy cinema so we can drink espresso martinis. He’s paying. That or we could stay in and watch The Holy Mountain.
He says he is hungry, what take away food do you show him as the best humanity has to offer?
Something we can eat with every condiment known to man. And pickles. And Cheese….this sounds like a burger. We’re getting burgers.
What special place in Geelong do you take him too?
Geelong has special places?
Where do you take him to party?
We time travel back to the Nash, I assume he can make that happen.