Amy Winehouse: A Family Portrait is now open

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Amy Winehouse: A Family Portrait is now open

The wait is over for the much-anticipated Amy Winehouse exhibition and events program.

The Jewish Museum’s new exhibition is a gentle and charming exploration of the life of a young girl from North London, curated by the Jewish Museum London with Amy’s brother Alex and sister-in-law Riva.

While Winehouse is widely known as one of the biggest pop icons in the world and absolute fashion icon, she is also known for drugs, mental health problems, death at 27.

This exhibition however isn’t about that.


“This exhibition tells the story of Amy’s life from her family’s perspective,” Curator Juliette Hanson says. “Through family photos, text written by Amy’s brother, and many of her personal belongings, visitors can learn about Amy’s childhood, her musical influences and ambition, her home life and her Jewish heritage of which she was very proud.”

Within the exhibition, the Winehouse family gave unprecedented access to Amy’s belongings, which focuses on Amy’s Jewish roots, family life, adolescence and her early career, including her guitar, family photos, record collection, and iconic outfits.

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Don’t miss your chance to visit the only place in Australia to host the Amy Winehouse exhibition.

Amy Winehouse: A Family Portrait is at the Jewish Museum from October 22 to March 25. Details here.