AMPED are hosting a Gangsters Ball

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AMPED are hosting a Gangsters Ball

Winter proves to often be a hard season to party in. Freezing nights, rain that ruins the hair you spent an hour straightening and a log fire that crackles “please don’t leave me”, but thanks to Amped you can say goodbye to all of these things with not a worry in the world.
Launched in 2017, Amped has become one of Geelong’s hottest music venues. Since its inception, the bar has received a terrific reception, and has proved to be a popular hangout spot each Thursday to Sunday. Amped recognises the importance of keeping the live music scene prominent and jumped on the opportunity to bring individuals of all ages together for fun-filled evenings each week.
Guaranteed to provide fine dining, great drinks and of course, lots of dancing, Amped likes to keep their atmosphere vibrant, exciting and ever-changing, with past events covering themes such as 80’s countdowns, Robbie Williams Tribute, AC/DSHE and many more. There’s no other place like it in the Geelong region and the venue turnouts week after week just prove that there doesn’t need to be!
As one’s to always encourage a good night filled with dining, drinking and dancing, Amped is now excited and proud to present its first ever Gangsters Ball. Inspired by the popularity of Gangsters Balls in Melbourne, the team at Amped thought it was time to bring the party to Geelong, bringing the fashion, style, humour and classic entertainment of the 1920’s along with it. It’s going to be a real swing, burlesque and gangster extravaganza, encapsulated by dark suits, moneybags, cigars and pistols (fake of course).
Keeping live music alive, Amped will provide three bands over two levels. You’ll find Hot Club Swing, Georgia Brookes trio (upstairs), Mr Meaner and DJK on the rooftop, all bringing the good vibes. On top of this, there will also be FX Gatsby Guys and Dolls entertainment + Kit Amore Burlesque for a night of magical mayhem.
Nibbles and platters will be rotating all night from 5:30pm, promising to keep you full and fuelled for a dance party that will have you feeling straight out of 1925.
The night will take place on October 6, allowing plenty of time to hunt and perfect the best Gangster costume possible – think Gangster, flapper, Burlesque, elegant vintage, gambler etc. Anything from the 1920s to the 1950s goes so get creative!
Tickets are $60 direct from the venue or can be purchased over the phone (52211634) during business hours. There are limited tickets so get in quick!
AMPED Bar is located at 71 Yarra St, Geelong.
Written by Aine Keogh
Photos from film The Great Gatsby