Amistat’s Top 5 acts who got their big break busking

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Amistat’s Top 5 acts who got their big break busking

Amistat is composed of the German raised brothers, Jan and Josef Prasil, who have come a long way since they started busking on the Australian streets in 2012. The pair pride themselves on their unique sound, which saw them sell out their recent European tour, and now they’re back in Australia ready to head out on an Australian tour alongside celebrating the release of their latest single ‘The Coward’. As buskers themselves, the guys can appreciate the craft. Here’s their top five acts who got their big break busking.

1. Glen Hansard
Glen must be by far the most well known busker to break through by starting out with busking!
He is one of the legends and probably the first one to make it big through busking. He spent most of his time busking in Dublin on Grafton Street. Amazing music, amazing person and a beautiful story. His movie “ONCE” is just incredible and a must watch for every music lover!

2. Passenger

Mike is the “new age” Glen Hansard I’d say. He did what Glen did 20 years ago basically.
We met Mike busking about 5 years ago when he was just about to break through. Over the years we got to know him personally and he has definitely been a big inspiration for our music and what we do now. He’s just a beautiful soul and an incredible songwriter. His song “Hearts on Fire” is one of our absolute favorites! He truly represents the statement: Anything is possible! One man, one guitar and no limits. Keep going Mike!!

3. Dermot Kennedy

Dermot Kennedy is a young Irish singer/songwriter. He has recently gained some massive traction on Spotify and is currently breaking through especially in America and Europe. We first met Dermot whilst busking in Dublin back in 2014 and have followed his journey ever since. He is a brilliant songwriter and managed to combine Folk music with Electronic elements. No doubt that we will be hearing about him a lot more in the near future!

4.Tash Sultana

So much to say about Tash and her journey. We used to busk alongside Tash for a few years in the Bourke street mall and became good friends. The way she worked herself up to the mountain top is unbelievable! She is so unique and her style is too. She’s been working really hard to be where she is now and it’s great to see that a former busking fellow is finally getting the acknowledgement and respect they deserve! Keep on rocking Tash!!:)

5. The Pierce Brothers

Pat and Jack are by far our favourite twins of all time! We used to busk together in the Bourke Street mall and shared so many beautiful moments together. Back when there were only a few bands busking, Pat and Jack were out there with us doing it. Their performance live is from another planet! So much energy and good vibes on stage, it’s addictive! Lots of love to you boys, till soon!!

Amistat are kicking off their Australian tour in Melbourne, their adopted home town, at Chapel Off Chapel on December 2nd. They will also be playing at Federation Square on November 30th.

For more information check out their website; and watch their clip below.