Allday: Startup Cult

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Allday: Startup Cult

It’s not everyday that someone drops out of art school to pursue music, and then actually succeeds. Allday seems to have done this with ease, and his debut release Startup Cult is possibly one of the most anticipated releases of 2014.
In his debut, Allday has come out with a fresh new style and one that steps away from the traditional home grown Aussie hip hop that he grew up listening to. If you listen carefully, more similarities can be tied with Drake rather than any of his Australian counterparts.
‘Got It’ serves as a great introduction to the album, it’s simple, clean cut and gives a fresh opening to an even fresher sound. It’s this laidback, melodic beat that really has you convinced that this is a new youthful sound for hip hop in Australia, and one that will hopefully mark a change in the industry. Paired with harsh lyrics, seen in ‘Right Now’ and ‘Fuckin’, it comes as a surprise when delivered from Allday’s sugary sweet voice.
As exciting and new as Allday’s sound is, when the 15 tracks are played consecutively it could get a bit monotonous, but luckily ‘God Starve the Queen’ and ‘Cult’ pick things up a bit and add a new element to the young rappers sound.
Regardless it’s hard not to appreciate the relatable lyrics of those youthful years we all experience, or are in the midst of. Anything that references cookies and Destiny’s Child is all right in our books.
Written by Amanda Sherring