Allday Joins Killer Aussie Lineup for Coastal Surf Festival, The Drop

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Allday Joins Killer Aussie Lineup for Coastal Surf Festival, The Drop

The Drop Festival is returning for another year of music and surf, featuring a whole bunch of Australian favourites to take fans around of the coast, including ARIA Certified singer and rapper, Allday.

He’s had a busy couple of months, finishing a national tour at the end of last year following the release of his latest album Starry Night over the Phone, moving back home to Australia after living in the USA and working on his own projects outside of music.

The Drop Festival comes as a well chance to catch some of his favourite artists and hit some amazing coastal towns. “I’m really excited, I haven’t really played many gigs with The Presets, and getting to watch pro’s and legends of the scene is pretty exciting for me. And also the locations are rad.”

With dates in Noosa, Newcastle, Manly, Coolangatta, Torquay and Busselton, he’ll be joining a killer lineup featuring great Australian artists like The Presets, Boy & Bear, Kita Alexander plus some more phenomenal acts.

Allday’s clearly already loving being back home after being in the US for quite a while, making it back right in the middle of the Australian festival season.

“I’m glad to be home. It’s been cool, I was just flying back and forth so much, so just decided to come home… It’s been really, really good, I’ve been much more comfortable.”

As is the general consensus, he’s also keen to get back in front of some homegrown Aussie crowds. “[They] generally get a lot looser. In other countries, people go out to a gig and maybe have like, ten beers, but in Australia, it’s just next level.”

It’s the ‘loose’ crowds who make playing his music, old and new, something he enjoys no matter how many times he plays them. When his debut album, Startup Cult hit #3 on the ARIA Charts, singles like ‘You Always Know The DJ’ set the ball rolling for the takeover soon to come, followed by more hits like ‘In Motion’ and ‘Sides’ from his second project Speeding.

It’s a combination of songs from these earlier releases that captured his initial audience and success, mixed with the ambient, nostalgic vibes pulled from songs on Starry Night over the Phone that make his upcoming sets and festival slots all the more exciting to catch.

His ever-supportive, ever-growing fanbase are clearly always ready to get behind the artist, supporting his new music just as enthusiastically as their old favourites, making it all the better for Allday with every release he puts out.

“I enjoy it when they have fun.”

Allday also seems incredibly keen to keep the ball rolling well into 2020, meaning his fans can expect a lot from him this year.

“2020… I’m probably gonna finish an album, I’m working on a couple of little projects, not just music, just some other little things that’ll hopefully come out soon.”

With The Drop quickly approaching, rehearsal and preparation to get back on stage is all underway, as well as getting ready to hit some of the beaches along the way.

“I might have to buy a Quicksilver shirt or something.”

The Drop splashes into Torquay on Saturday, April 11. Tickets at

Written by Priya Francis