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It seems like his incredibly loyal and ever-expanding fan base wants Allday, every day – and then some. Tens of thousands of followers bombard his multiple social media accounts habitually to get their daily dose of the art school dropout from the Adelaide Hills. You can’t buy that kind of publicity, so it was kinda nice to hear he wanted to chat with Forte again -– this time about his debut album, aiding and abetting an escapee and falling off the wagon.
At the time of the interview Startup Cult, Allday’s first LP, was just days away from its official release, and although the few who’d heard it were forthcoming with praise (including Yours Truly), the quietly-spoken 24-year-old replied with his usual comical, yet self-deprecating manner: “Well thank you, I’m glad you like it. We’re in the period of me finishing it and it going out, so whenever someone who’s heard it says they like it, even if they’re lying, I’m very happy to hear that.
“It’s nice to talk to you again now the album’s done. When we last spoke I was definitely in the depths of album stress. It took about a year to do and it was a huge growing up experience for me. I learnt a lot about me as a control freak and a perfectionist,” he laughed.
Soon we got to chatting about his favourite tracks on Startup Cult (‘Wasting Time’ and ‘Taking Hold’, for the record) when suddenly I hear a muffled conversation and what sounds like a car door close. After a few moments Allday’s back on the line. “Sorry, I was saying goodbye to my friend. He’s come over from Adelaide. He wasn’t supposed to come over yet, but I think he kissed someone in front of his girlfriend so he had to leave Adelaide. He’s escaping!” That remark exemplifies Allday’s mass appeal – he could be your mate.
Even British songbird Lily Allen wants Allday in her entourage. She handpicked him to open her Splendour in the Grass sideshows later this month. As you can imagine with Allday’s transparent attitude, he found it a challenge to keep the news under wraps. “Finding out was really exciting – I’m pretty psyched about it. The news came through a little while ago. Though I couldn’t tell anyone which I hated, it was also kinda fun. I can’t wait for these shows. They’re going to be amazing.”
Until then Allday plans to relax and enjoy the fruits of his labour after enduring a bout of sobriety during the making of Startup Cult. “I quickly realised if I’m recording or writing and I’m all messed up at all time I wouldn’t be able to perfect things and I’d just be wasting everyone’s time. Some people can get away with being high all the time but I can’t, and I just have to accept that,” he added stoically. “So now I’m not partying mega hard or anything, but I’m enjoying myself.
“Although,” Allday continued, “I’ve always had trouble with enjoying things when they happen. Everyone tells me I had a great year, but I’m never really happy ’cause I’ve always got my eye on the next thing. I still feel very ambitious because no one expected me to be able to make a living off rap – never thought I’d be releasing albums or anything. Rap was just kind of a hobby of mine, but my family and friends have always been really supportive and it feels good that now they can say ‘oh this guy’s my cousin’ that they heard on triple j or whatever. Yep, it’s all about keeping the cousins proud!” he joked.
Watch this space for the biggest and boldest tour announcement for Allday coming soon. “After Splendour I’m going to do my own national tour. I’m going to do some ambitious-sized venues and try to lock down some quality supports and kick up the production value to take it to the next level.”
When & Where: Splendour in the Grass, Festival Hall – July 24 (Lily Allen support) & The Corner Hotel, Melbourne – October 24 & 25
Written by Natalie Rogers