All Time Low are bringing the nostalgia to Good Things Festival

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All Time Low are bringing the nostalgia to Good Things Festival

Kicking’ off in the MySpace heyday, All Time Low, for the better part of ten years now have been one of the worlds biggest pop punk bands.
With 2017 seeing the band release their seventh studio album, Last Young Renegade, fans were pleasantly blind-sided by the bands new approach to writing, having mainly focused on the perspective of what fans believe to be the albums title-character.
“I feel the approach on ‘Last Young Renegade’ was not quite to write from the perspective of a fictional character, but more so to tell my stories and the stories of people close to me that kind of fit the theme of what we were talking about on the record, which is that people struggle growing up and coming to terms with who they are and the vices that come along with that,” reflects the groups lead singer, Alex Gaskarth. “The ability to put all these voices into one character was just a nice way to condense all of the themes into a concise story.”
Featuring a cinematic sound, Alex spoke of how imagining scenes and imagery helped to curate the story.
[Making it cinematic] “was definitely something that we kept in mind during the process of making that record. It was very much a visually inspired album,” he explains. “Every time I was writing, I was picturing these scenes plying out in my head, especially with the imagery and music videos attached to that album, it was all very cohesive. It really helped explain the record.”
Although writing songs for films isn’t an unheard of concept for All Time Low, with the band having previously written ‘Toxic Valentine’ for the mid-2000’s ‘Jennifer’s Body,’ when asked if writing a film score/soundtrack would be a future aspiration Alex excitedly responded, “It would be so much fun to score something one day or to write songs for a movie.
“I was talking about it today actually, they are remaking Suspiria from the 70’s which was a horror movie and Thom Yorke is doing the music for it and I think something like that would be incredible to do,” he says. “It’s such a cool creative outlet to explore and if anyone ever gave me the opportunity to do it I would love too… Hopefully it would be for something cool like Wreck It Ralph 3.”
With two new singles having recently been released, All Time Low will be making their way down to Australia as one of the headliners of the first ever Good Things Festival. With it being some time since the band has made it down, they couldn’t be more excited to bring their new material to Australian fans.
“I’m pumped; we’ve never had a bad time in Australia so I think this festival is going to be amazing,” he smiles. “The last time we were over, we were headlining so it’s been a little while since we’ve have the chance to come over and do a festival show, which is always exciting. Fans are there for us at festivals, but there’s also a lot of people there to see other bands who may not have seen All Time Low before so we will be bringing our A-game I hope.”
When & Where: Good Things Festival @ Flemington Racecourse, Melbourne – December 7.
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Written by Alex Callan