13 little things we miss, took for granted and can’t wait to have back

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13 little things we miss, took for granted and can’t wait to have back

Words by Jessica Magtalas

It’s the small things we took for granted.

The indoors have never looked grimmer than now and we’re all starting to feel the itch of going out – I know I do. It’s those grand moments of going out and embracing our friends and family that we’re all missing and it’s without a doubt that we’re growing a little impatient.

Though with all the time we have on our hands, what better way to reminisce through life before COVID, by looking back at the most minimal instances we overlooked during our time of freedom.

Overpriced drinks and sticky floors
Ah yes, the club and bar scene. Those shots we all know and love, despite knowing it’ll break our bank accounts the next day. How about that tacky feeling of those carpet floors we all felt and most definitely cringed to or even the feeling of sweaty bodies right next to us?

Being pushed to the back of the festival
It may take a while for us to experience the atmosphere of festivals and concerts again and yes, we’re just as sad as you are. The moments of excitement and thrill mixed with the constant banging of shoulders is a memory worth missing. Whether you weren’t able to see the stage or if you were just there because you were forced to go, you’ve got to admit, those times were fun.

People watching
Those times of observation, where sitting at the back of a small café and just watching was completely normal and accepted. The feeling of warm coffee or tea – for all my non-coffee drinkers, running down your throat as you watch students, office workers and bystanders wait for their drinks.

It was the atmosphere of muffled chatter and brewing smell of coffee we can remember.

A good hug
Does anyone remember what a hug from a friend felt like? Yes? Then grant yourself lucky.

Now while hugging may be a bit awkward at first after restrictions, it’s the hugs we all received pre-lockdown that we’ll cherish forever. A warm embrace is what we all need right now, so hang tight they’ll be back in no time!

If your single… well good luck. Hang in there just a bit longer!

Turning down an invitation to an acquaintance’s birthday
For all the introverts out there, it’s those moments of choice we all missed. Whether it be making excuses up or straight up declining an offer we can all relate to. It’s the thought of being asked to an event that we so happily swept under the rug that we wished we had back.

Grocery shopping in peace
There was a time where grocery shopping wasn’t as stressful as today. From the beginnings of endless aisles of sold out toilet paper to our beloved fruits that have unfortunately all disappeared, where we wished our trip to the supermarket was hassle free.

We’ll certainly anticipate the day where we’re able to make the choice of buying luxury yogurt brands or the regular home branded goods.

The choice of going outdoors
This is quite self-explanatory. Though, if you’re looking for places to get a bit of fresh air during lockdown read here to clear some headspace for the rest of the week.

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Using the public gym equipment
With social distancing measures and the concerns over hygiene at play, your regular gym sesh most likely won’t be the same again. It was those quick occasions where we silently praised other gym junkies and the practice of wiping down secondary sweat off the equipment that we overlooked too often.

While many of our home workout routines aren’t providing that certain fix lately, you’ll be thankful for the new and hopefully cleaner gym space. So not too worry, you’ll be looking like a snack but also feeling a bit less sweat-drenched.

That water-downed office coffee
Now I know a lot of us are stuck at home working remotely, and while it might be a blessing to some, you can’t help but miss the office environment. Those little breaks you reward yourself to chat with colleagues or that scent of diluted coffee, it’s a sight and experience we may miss.

Even though we’re getting quite accustomed wearing boxers or pyjamas to “work” at home, it was the office scene where we felt like we were actually getting some hard work done.

Traffic may be a bit of a stretch, but there were hidden pockets of gold in those moments where we were stuck in a line of cars and trucks. From using that time to put on makeup or catching a breather, getting stuck in traffic was a true blessing in disguise for some.

The adrenaline of thinking you forgot your myki card
It’s been quite a while since people have taken trains and buses to work or university, yet it was those few seconds where we felt the thrill of danger after seeing the PTV Authorised Officers even though, you most certainly knew you touched on – and yes, I am a victim of that heart attack feeling.

Planning friend catchups that never go through
Like having the choice to go outdoors were bad, we in no doubt miss the frequent phone calls and group chat messages of empty promises of – ‘oh yeah we’ll definitely catch up’. The constant bickering of which time best fit everyone’s schedule to picking a restaurant to eat at were truly happier times.

While we’re all stuck in quarantine, use this as a reminder to appreciate the things we have now.

Although, lock down may be stunting future plans, remember that staying apart at times like this is what’s keeping us together Stay safe and in no time, we’ll be able to experience these little things like before.

For information about the current restrictions, visit the Department of Health and Human Services website.