All Roads Lead to Inca

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All Roads Lead to Inca

How would you like to experience a festival with a few thousand hundred like-minded festival-lovin’ friends? Inca Roads is the festival for you. Limiting sales to no more than 650 lucky people, this little festival is something special. However, while they may be little in size, they’re massive in sound. Lining up you have The Harpoons (pictured), The Cactus Channel, GL, Sex On Toast, Scotdrakula, Geoffrey O’Connor, Pikelet, Smile, The Pretty Littles, Sunbeam Sound Machine, Hollow Everdaze, Baptism of Uzi, Bel Air, Jonny Telafone, Terrible Truths, The Infants, Contrast, Leisure Suite, Habits, Totally Mild, Milk Teddy, Crepes, The Sand Dollars, Good Morning, Queen Magic, Huon Kind, Cool Drinks, Kalacoma, Dreamcoat, The Scrimshaw Four, Cabbages & Kings, Sleepy Dreamers, Arthur Penn & The Funky Ten, Glaciers, Papa G and The Starcats, XYZ Step, Joe Alexander (Bedroom Sucks DJ) and Joshua Wells (DJ). Would you like me to repeat that? It’s not going to happen, so just read it again. With some 650 enjoying the spoils, this is a festival that will give you bragging rights for a long time. Inca Roads is proudly not-for-profit. For them, it’s all about the fun. Greater Ballarat Region – March 20-22. Further information can be found through