All Our Exes Live in Texas

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All Our Exes Live in Texas

We chat to the Sydney alt-folk band’s Katie Wighton ahead of the girls show in Geelong, in support of their debut album, When We Fall.

Hey thanks for taking the time to chat. How are you and what have you been up to?

Hello! I am well thank you! We have been very busy the last few months! We got back from America where we were on tour with Midnight Oil which was an absolutely amazing experience. We went to San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles, Denver and Portland. They were incredible.

You’re almost halfway through the ‘When We Fall Album Tour’. How has it been so far?

The shows have been really fun! The Katoomba shows were both sold out and the crowds were so lovely. Our support band Ports (Ireland) are amazing musicians and we are so happy they are on the road with us! It’s already been such a fun time – we can’t wait to come and visit you guys in Geelong!

How do you find travelling together on tours? Having already embarked on three national headline tours, what’s your secret to a successful and fun tour?

Well we are very good at living together so that’s the first thing. We know each other ridiculously well and are really good at compromising. Everyone has different strengths too; George is really good at finding the “hot” things to do in a city so we always know where to get the best brekky. Hans can spot a good op shop a mile away. Lani is a bloody good driver and I’m good at being on time. So that’s always helpful I think.

‘When We Fall’ has been noted as a collection of songs that are enough to make grown men bawl. Where did the inspiration for the album come from?

We’ve all had our fair share of heartbreak and I think this album is really just exemplifies that. It’s about love and loss but I think the title of the album, When We Fall really shows that when we fall, we fall together, which is a lovely idea I think.

The name, an ode to the past, or?

Well it’s actually the name of a George Strait song, almost. We googled best/worst country song titles and All My Exes Live in Texas came up. We changed it to All OUR Exes Live in Texas and the rest is history!

Okay let’s get real. How was it been chosen to support the Backstreet Boys on the Australian leg of their In A World Like This Tour? Were you girls fans back in the day?

I like that this is getting real! To say it was amazing is the biggest understatement of the century. Honestly, I can’t say how much fun we had on that tour. And the BSBs are really nice people. I am still not sure it wasn’t a dream! I loved them as a kid (and still do now!) so it was so surreal touring with them.

Any future plans after the tour?

We are off to the UK for our own tour in August and then off to Nashville for Americanafest in September. We have a couple of weeks off and then we go to the UK again to tour with the CC Smugglers for a month. We have some shows in Australia in November and then I’m going to go and lie very still on a beach (cocktail in hand) in the Philippines with my boyfriend for two weeks. It’s a very exciting time!

When & Where: The Workers Club, Geelong – July 8