Alister Turrill: A Toast to Better Times

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Alister Turrill: A Toast to Better Times

For Geelong locals, the name Alister Turrill is a familiar one. And luckily we’ve been able to witness him grow as a musician, grow from strength to strength to become one of the finest young blues performers in the region.

With this release, A Toast to Better Times, Alister plays the guitar, ukulele, kick drum and tambourine, and of course singing. The first track, ‘Lucky as a Man Can Be’ eases things in gently, with a steady percussion throughout and the focus being on his vocals. The latter seems to be the main thread for the release, focusing on Alister’s raw, deep and constant vocals. An interesting addition is ‘Sleepy Monday Afternoon’ which features Alister playing the ukulele and instantly alters the sound of the release.

Overall it’s another great, diverse release from Alister, though it’s worth mentioning that to truly experience the energy and soul from Alister, nothing beats seeing him live. There’s a certain element to his voice that just can’t be captured in an EP.

Reviewed by Alexander Lightfoot
three and a half stars