Alison Wonderland: RUN

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Alison Wonderland: RUN

There’s something so magical about listening to anything from Alison Wonderland, maybe it’s because she clearly has a passion for what she does or maybe it’s just because she’s damn good at it, either way, her new release Run is the bi-product of both.
Beyond the popular releases of ‘U Don’t Know’ and ‘I Want U’, Alison has created a whole album worthy of hits. ‘Take It To Reality’ is a slow-burner that breaks out in parts offering a chance to get lost in the track.
‘Games’ is a highlight of the album, Alison manipulates her voice in quite original ways and the backing beat just works. Ironically ‘One More Hit’ falls a bit flat, it seems to hover below the level it needs to really break out. But it’s pretty much the only one that misses the mark.
‘Back It Up’ offers something a bit different, the child-like rapping “back it up” carries the song here with the intensity increased through Alison’s ability to know the right sounds to use and when.
If there’s only one thing that’s frustrating about Alison Wonderland’s album, it’s her need to abbreviate ‘you’ to just ‘u’ – the grammar nazi in everyone I’m sure is dying. All grammar comments aside, Run is a pretty great release and just the kind of thing you should put on before a night out.
Out now via EMI
Written by Amanda Sherring